Gone but never forgotten: The God Machine

que des bons souvenirs !

The Paths Less Travelled

Some bands are hopelessly overrated while others were brutally underrated. The latter often produce the most intense art but either it was too complex for the big crowds or they were ahead of their time and would only receive the credits they deserved in retrospect. The latter category, if not both categories, for sure applies to one of the most epic yet underrated bands of the nineties: The God Machine.

To me personally, except for Echo & The Bunnymen, I cannot think of a band that inspired and moved me as much as the God Machine. They have been one of the main inspirations for me ever since I was in a Spanish cyber cafe and first listened to them, being totally blown away by their almost 9 minutes epic « Purity ». It was the tip of a huge iceberg as the more songs of the God Machine I was exposed…

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