Children of children

Pictures of the farm before us
Old men in a gospel chorus Sephia
And saddle horses easy on the reins
Eighty-one a motor in your mama’s seventeen again
She’s squinting at the dusty wind
The anger of the plains
You and I were almost nothing
Pray to God that God was bluffing seventeen ain’t old enough to reason with the pain
How could we expect to stay in love
When neither knew the meaning
Of the difference of sacred and profane
I was riding on my mother’s hip
She was shorter than the corn
All the years I took from her
Just by being born.
Didn’t mean to break the cycle
At seventeen I went by Michael
No one ever called by my own name anyway
Half full generations
Living all these expectations
Giving way to one late to have a baby on the way
You were riding on your mother’s hip
She was shorter than the corn
All the years you took from her
Just by being born

Jason Isbell
Children of Children

© Downtown Music Publishing

Led-zeppelin, The Wanton Song

Silent woman, in the night you came
Femme silencieuse, dans la nuit tu vins
Took my seed from my shakin’ frame
Tu as pris ma graine de ma carcasse temblante
Same old fire, another flame
Le même vieux feu, une autre flamme
And the wheel rolls on
Et la roue tourne

Silent woman, through the flames you come
Femme silencieuse, à travers les flammes tu viens
From the deep behind the sun
Des profondeurs derriere le soleil
Kissed my nightmares, my lovin’ gun
Tu as embrassé mes cauchemars, mon flingue d’amour
Left me barely holdin’ on, hold, hold
Me laissant à peine tenir, tiens, tiens

Blazin’ eyes see the tremblin’ hand
Les yeux brulants voient la main tremblante
When we know the time has come
Quand nous savons que le temps est venu
Ooh, blinded senses lose command
Ooh, les sens aveuglés perdent le controle
Feel your healin’ rivers run
Et sentent ta riviere apaisante couler

Is it every time I fall that I think this is the one
Est-ce à chaque fois que je tombe que je pense que c’est la bonne
Ooh, in the darkness can you hear me call
Ooh, dans l’obscurité peux tu entendre mon appel
Another day has just begun
Un autre jour viens juste de commencer
Another day, yeah
Un autre jour, yeah

Silent woman, my own face does change
Femme silencieuse, mon propre visage change
Some know the way it’s become
Certains savent comment il l’est devenu
Feel my fire needs a brand-new flame
Je sens que mon feu a besoin d’une toute nouvelle flamme
And the wheel rolls on, rolls on, rolls on, rolls on, yeah
Et la roue tourne, tourne, tourne, tourne yeah
Rolls on